The Carrion Crown

The Story Thus Far:

The heroes then traveled north, gathering evidence at Sanctuary, finding papers linking Vorkstag and Grine, the buyers of the surgical tools found in Morast, to the fire in Sanctuary. It would be their next stop before the final day of the trial begins…

…But before our heroes had a chance to leave, their curiosity led them to Sanctuary’s basement. After a brief but nearly deadly scuffle with the basements newest undead inhabitants, our heroes discover the heads of countless Sanctuary tenants, 1 seemingly belonging to Sanctuary’s ward. With magical options running low however, they gamble with who it is and what it will say as they stow the head and make haste to Vorkstag and Grine.

Upon infiltrating Vorkstag and Grine, our heroes quickly encounter a flesh golem shaped like a wolf. After forcing it to cower in its cage through an impressive display of brute force, they find the alchemical plants main processing area, full of vats containing boiling bleach and acid. Toxic fumes fill the air as our heroes are forced to fight the plants workers, small mutant hybrids, appearing to be a mismatch of many animals combined together. Luckily for them, traversing the vats proves to be difficult enough for the workers, and half of them dispose of themselves in the roiling liquids.

In the plant’s basement, our heroes discover a storage area for alchemical potions before V’s keen eye spots a trick door leading to a hidden room. There they find artifacts of nefarious intent, as well as a list of buyers for the intended objects. They also find a secret entrance/exit locked by a heavy metal gate. With a flexed arm from Owen and a little luck, they manage to open the gate, and wedge a cart underneath it to keep it open. Its unclear to them at the moment if this is a good idea or not.

Continuing their search upstairs, our heroes find themselves attacked by a skinless man! Throwing potions of noxious chemicals and brandishing a knife, the skinless man taunts our heroes as they travel the ladder to confront him. Its there that he calls for help, only to be joined by the alchemical warehouse proprietor, wielding an axe and scars to boot. Our heroes surge valiantly to subdue the skinless man in haste, as the Axeman tries to make his escape. Not to be outdone by the Axeman’s daring leap to the vats below though, V leaps and swings from a rope of Regina’s hair, kicking the Axeman into a vat of acid. V extends his arm to the man below him. What will he choose to do?


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